Chapter Local Tournament Info

The South Haven Steelheaders conducts a variety of fishing contests and tournaments on a yearly basis to offer its members the chance for some camaraderie as well as an opportunity to claim bragging rights for being the “Best” fisherman or fisherwoman on any given day.  Additionally, these events may be simply to promote the sport of fishing or to promote various businesses and products that may be of interest to Chapter members.


To enter a SHS contest or SHS tournament all you need to do is:

1.  Be a member of the MSSFA.  Click HERE for a membership application..

2.  Fill out the SHS Waiver which covers any event held during the calendar year.

3.  Register for the event (along with paying any entry fee, if any) as dictated by the rules about the specific contest or tournament.

For More Information on contests or tournaments: visit the contest/tournament webpages on this site.

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