Knowledge is power.  The power to catch more fish! From tips and techniques to rules and regulations its hard to argue that the educated angler doesn’t have the advantage.  The South Haven Steelheaders proudly offer up this “Education” page which is aimed at sharing knowledge, information and experience to make us all better anglers.

Safety Links:

General First Aid
Fish Hook Removal
Water Safety
United States Coast Guard
Van Buren County Sheriff – Marine Division
South Haven Area Emergency Services (SHAES)
VHF Channels

Palisades Nuclear Power Plant Boating Exclusion Zone:

Palisades Nuclear Power Plant Boating Exclusion Zone is marked Spring through Fall by white and orange buoys. The year-round exclusion zone extends 1,500 meters (.93 miles) north to south in front of Palisades and 1,000 meters (.62 miles) to the west from the shoreline. Boaters are asked to please not enter this area.

Education Links:

Vessel Safety Check (VSC) – For a free, yearly inspection of your vessel in the South Haven area contact Ross McNicholas via phone 269-637-4267 or email or USCGA Flotilla 33-01.

Nautical Charts

Michigan DNR
Fish Identification (MI Charter Boat Assoc.)
SW Michigan Sea Grant
Great Lakes Information Network (GLIN)
Great Lakes Coastal Forecasting System (GLCFS)
Great Lakes Enviornmental Assessment & Mapping (GLEAM)
Great Lakes Fishery Trust
Educated Angler
MSU Fisheries & Wildlife
GVSU Annis Water Resources Institute (AWRI)
MI Alliance for Enviornmental & Outdoor Education (MAEOE)
Great Lakes Fishery Commission (Lake Michigan)
Great Lakes Commission
Southwest Michigan Underwater Preserve
State of the Lake Report (2011)
1836 Treaty Guide
Animated Knot Tying
Effects of Barometric Pressure on Fishing
Buying, Owning, Maintaining a Boat
Zooplankton of the Great Lakes

Education Videos:

stop invasive