Pays To Belong

top_banner_pays_to_belong “It Pays To Belong,” is the best membership program our organization has ever put together. Our members will save $$$$$$ when shopping at participating retailers. We are currently working with other chapters in a state-wide expansion of the program. “It Pays To Belong” offers both a tremendous incentive to MSSFA members and a loyal group of customers to the participating merchants. 

The participating retailers are offering discounts to members of MSSFA. The discounts will vary from retailer to retailer. These discounts are being offered to MSSFA based on our size (number of members), our excellent reputation and the positive work we have done on behalf of our sport fishery. These retailers would like nothing more than to have our members as regular customers.

Take a minute to look over the list at the end of this article. I am sure you will recognize some of the businesses; you may even shop there now. As mentioned earlier, the list is expected to grow as we contact more people and offer them the opportunity to become a participant. If you know any retailers contact them and offer the program to them.

The old adage that the more you spend the more you save is certainly appropriate with this program. It will not take much for a member to accumulate a savings that is greater than their membership fee. This is probably the case for most members. It boils down to a free membership in MSSFA which includes the Great Lakes Sport Fishing News. Now that is a real deal any way you look at it.

In order to qualify for the discount you must show the store clerk your MSSFA membership card. New members will receive the membership cards after joining. The chapter or the state will send them the card. If you joined through the chapter then the chapter will send out the card. If you joined through the state organization then the state will send it out. The cards for renewing members will be sent out with your next renewal. As with new members, the chapter or the state will send out the card depending on where you renewed the membership. If your renewal is later in the year and you would like a card before then, just contact your chapter.

The Great Lakes Sport Fishing News will carry an initial listing of participating retailers. Then each edition after that, the paper will advise of any additions or deletions. Since this is a bimonthly publication the paper will not update additions or deletions as frequently as should be. Therefore, we will also carry a current listing on our web site at Go to the home page and look along the indexes on the left side of the page. “It Pays To Belong” will be listed here. Just click on that index and it will take you to the listings. This page will be updated as soon as we receive changes.

We feel confident that this new program will help us grow the organization. We have always said that there is strength in numbers. That being the case, this program should serve to make the Michigan Steelhead and Salmon Fishermen’s Association an even stronger advocate of the sport fishery in the Great Lakes and its tributaries.

Contact Renee at here for more details on getting your business added to the list or print and send in the enrollment form