Past SHS Pro Am Winners

The South Haven tournament, originally known as the “South Haven Sportfishing Safari” began in 1970 by the Michigan Steelheaders to promote the newly developing Southern Lake Michigan fishery.  In 1986, the tournament name was changed and the weekend after Mother’s Day has become the annual date that the best salmon and trout fishermen on Lake Michigan converge on South Haven to compete in the “South Haven Steelheader’s Pro/Am”.

Travelling Trophy for Overall Annual Points Winner

Past SHS Pro Am Winners .

1986 Al Laaksonen (Finlander)

1987 Dennis Bowlby (Margie B)

1988 Cliff Soulliere (Winn-Cliff)

1989 Carl Buck (Movin On)

1990 Ron Ingram (Sara Kate)

1991 Dennis Neidlinger (Pro King)

1992 John Baker (Bakers Choice)

1993 Dan Strong (Double D)

1994 Jim Modigell (Shore Hugger)

1995 Winn Wolf (Little Wolf)

1996 Winn Wolf (Little Wolf)

1997 Rolf Neitzel (Lapaloma)

1998 Ted Lausman (Louisa ll)

1999 Denny , Linda Allen (Nevermiss)

2000 Am Matt Strong (Strong Performance)

2001 Am Jim Modigell (Shore Hugger)

2001 Pro Dennis Allen (Never Miss)

2002 Am Kirk Mosher (True Blue)

2002 Pro Dave Engel (Best Chance ll)

2003 Am Chris Rose (Fish Burner)

2003 Pro Richard Laaksonen (Finnweaver)

2004 Am Ken Bard (Lazy K)

2004 Pro Matt Strong (Strong Performance)

2005 Am Bob Filbrandt (Wine Maker)

2005 Pro Jason Coswell (KC 1)

2006 Am Steve Romsek (Lake Effect)

2006 Pro Mark Bachman (Hour Time)

2007 Am Tom Earley (Giv N In)

2007 Pro Dave Engle (Best Chance ll)

2008 Am Jack Gillen (Spend a Buck)

2008 Pro Tony Salerno (Livin the Dream)

2009 Am Steven Butler (Hooked Up)

2009 Pro Dave Engle (Best Chance ll)

2010 Pro Tony Salerno (Livin the Dream)

2010 Am Rolf Neitzel (Lapaloma)


2012 Pro Rolf Neitzel (Lapaloma)

2012 Am Konrad Cookingham (Tenacious II)

2013 Pro Dave Engle (Best Chance ll)

2013 Am  Matt Grimm  (Grimm Reaper)

2014 Pro Tom Early (Give-N-the-Bird)

2014 Am  Jeff Frankhauser (The Foundation)

2015 Pro  Dave Engel (Best Chance II)

2015 Am  Stan Welch (SonShine)

2016 Pro Matt Strong (Too Strong)

2016 Am: Jeff Cottrell (Hot Mess)

2017 Pro Matt Strong (Too Strong)

2017 Am Tom Peterson (Utopia)

Multiple Year Winners

Dave Engel (Best Chance ll) 2002, 2007, 2009, 2013, 2015

Rolf Neitzel (Lapaloma) 1997, 2010, 2012

Matt Strong (Strong Performance) 2000, 2004 (Too Strong) 2016, 2017

Winn Wolf (Little Wolf) 1995, 1996

Dennis Allen (Never Miss) 1999, 2001

Tom Early (Give-N-the-Bird) 2007, 2014

Tony Salerno (Livin the Dream) 2008, 2010