Jan 27

2014 Ice Fishing Tournament Results

For more information go to the Ice Fishing Tournament Page.

Ice Tourney Chair Russ reports:

Since we did not have any Crappie or Pike to enter this year we awarded prizes for the top 3 Bluegills and top 2 Perch.


1st place Randy Minster  8 13/16”

2nd Jeff Dehn  8 ¾”

3rd John Jordaln  8 5/8”


1st place Mitch Mathies   10 5/8”

2nd Gary Finch                    10 ¼”

We had 18 Members on the ice this year, the fishing was tough and the weather was worse, however we still had a great time competing for the top prizes. Maple Lake was the only plowed lot we could find in this area, hopefully we can get back to Schoolsection Lake next year.

We served 34 people at the dinner and awards gathering after the fishing time, and I don’t think anyone went away hungry as we had almost 50 lbs. of filets.  THANK YOU to all who donated fish!!

The following list is of people who either donated Gifts and or Time to help me put this together.

Jeff Dehn

Dave Fickle: Patriot Rods, Gobles MI. 269- 628-5227

Adam and Kathy Pyle: Pyle’s Porthole 269-637-6720

Dave Peterson: Gobles Grocery 269-628-2501

Jim Morris: Bob’s Processing 269-637-5739

Big “Thank you” to Russ, his volunteers and especially for the sponsor support for making this a successful tournament.  Also a big “thank you” to the participants for coming out during this exceptionally difficult winter.