The South Haven Steelheader Chapter is dependent on its volunteer members to implement its programs. Whether you’ve been a member for a while or if you have newly joined, we can never have enough help. Below is a list of volunteer opportunities and a brief description of each. Contact a Board member today and get involved!

Pro-Am Tournament Committee:
Responsible for overall planning and operation of the 2 dayTournament. This includes sponsor solicitation, Captain’s meeting (set-up/take-down, registrations), Tournament Control (set-up/take-down, fish weighing, boat control, communications, awards)

Local Tournament Committee:
Responsible for overall planning and operation of the local tournaments and contests. This includes sponsor solicitation, registration, fish weighing, communications, awards and setting the event calendar in December of each year.

Fish Cleaning Committee:
Responsible for cleaning of fish supplied from tournaments for the fishboil.

Fish Boil Committee:
Responsible for overall operations of the fishboil including set-up/take-down, food prep, cooking, serving.

Projects Committee:
Responsible for overall development of community projects.

Scholarship Committee:
Responsible for processing applications and selecting recipient(s).

Holiday Party Committee:
Responsible for planning and executing the Holiday Party in December of each year.

Nomination Committee:
Responsible for identifying members to serve on the Board or other Committees.

Membership Committee Committee:
Responsible for membership recruitment activities

Net Pen Committee:
Responsible for planning and executing deployment and retrieval of net pen as
well as feeding the fish.

Salmon in the Classroom Committee:
Responsible for identifying area schools interested in the program, supplying proper equipment and giving assistance when needed.

Salute to Veterans/Operation Injured Soldier Committee:
Responsible for planning and executing fishing trip and social event following trip.

Guest Speaker Committee:
Responsible for finding and inviting Membership Meeting Guest Speakers.

By-Laws Committee:
A By-Laws committee shall meet every three (3) years to review and make any recommendations for modifications to the Board of Directors. This committee will be appointed by the President and shall consist of four (4) Chapter members. They may or may not be officers of the Chapter.

Audit Committee:
A committee at large consisting of a minimum of three (3) members including the Treasurer will be appointed each year to audit or contract for the auditing of the Chapter financial records. The committee chairperson, who may not be the Treasurer, will certify the Annual Treasurer’s Report.